1. Dramatic Cost Reductions – Cloud-based fax services eliminate the need to acquire and maintain a massive internal fax infrastructure. The costs associated with acquiring, implementing and managing fax servers, telecom lines, and administration/support personnel are eliminated. High-volume fax enterprises have the potential to save between tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

2. A Simplified Infrastructure – With a cloud-based fax model there is one source of contact for all administrative, management, help desk/support, and reporting functions. At any time you have complete monitoring capability of fax use on a global, departmental, or individual basis is available. Thisreduces the need to dedicate an IT infrastructure and operational staff for these responsibilities. Using a pay-as-you-go model, the enterprise pays for only the fax services that are used.

3. Platform Agnosticism – Under a cloud-based model, the IT organization is no longer responsible for managing, maintaining, or upgrading existing platform and application standards. Any client or mobile platform using SMTP will work under a cloud-based fax service model allowing each enterprise department to choose the best solutions to meet its business needs. 

4. Flexible, Seamless Integration – A cloud-based fax model can be added seamlessly to an existing enterprise e-mail system. This allows all enterprise users to send and receive faxes directly from their existing e-mail accounts leveraging the enterprises existing e-mail infrastructure and allows users to act on information immediately from anywhere around the world.

5. More Extensive Services – Both internal and mobile employees of a cloud-based fax services model will realize the many benefits without incurring costly and time-consuming IT planning and/or implementation requirements that were previously associated with an internal enterprise fax infrastructure. Additional services can be added or removed at any point in response to changing business and user requirements.

American Presence introduces three solutions of Cloud-based faxing. The first mentionable solution is FoIP – what most competitiors claim as their “Cloud” solution.  We have two additional Cloud solutions that will bring you to a true cloud fully integrated with your IBM i applications (such as Infor XA (Mapics), Infor LX (BPCS) and JD Edwards).


International Presence is a Partner with Easylink/OpenText – Source: Internal EasyLink business case study, 2009.