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Virtual Fax Server in the cloud, Lowest cost per user & Highest functionality in the industry


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American Presence is the original developer & author of the most innovative fax technology ever built for IBM systems 25 years ago.  Since AP has provided companies around the world the most reliable cloud-based fax network that is unparalleled to any other.  American Presence is World Class fax messaging workflow and business automation for ‘the cloud’.

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CloudFax400 features:

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Replace your existing Fax Server with CloudFax400 – the software is FREE.

A minimum of a 1 year contract is required. Monthly service fees are paid annually in advance. A one time remote installation fee is also required at $950.  CloudFax400 software Included with contract.

*IBM Facsimile Support/400 and Quadrant FastFax customers can simply point their spool files to the CloudFax400 OUTQ for continued faxing with no re-programming. *products are copyright & trademark of respective owners.

1. Dramatic Cost Reductions – Cloud-based fax services eliminate the need to acquire and maintain a massive internal fax infrastructure. The costs associated with acquiring, implementing and managing fax servers, telecom lines, and administration/support personnel are eliminated. High-volume fax enterprises have the potential to save between tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

2. A Simplified Infrastructure – With a cloud-based fax model there is one source of contact for all administrative, management, help desk/support, and reporting functions. At any time you have complete monitoring capability of fax use on a global, departmental, or individual basis is available. Thisreduces the need to dedicate an IT infrastructure and operational staff for these responsibilities. Using a pay-as-you-go model, the enterprise pays for only the fax services that are used.

3. Platform Agnosticism – Under a cloud-based model, the IT organization is no longer responsible for managing, maintaining, or upgrading existing platform and application standards. Any client or mobile platform using SMTP will work under a cloud-based fax service model allowing each enterprise department to choose the best solutions to meet its business needs. 

4. Flexible, Seamless Integration – A cloud-based fax model can be added seamlessly to an existing enterprise e-mail system. This allows all enterprise users to send and receive faxes directly from their existing e-mail accounts leveraging the enterprises existing e-mail infrastructure and allows users to act on information immediately from anywhere around the world.

5. More Extensive Services – Both internal and mobile employees of a cloud-based fax services model will realize the many benefits without incurring costly and time-consuming IT planning and/or implementation requirements that were previously associated with an internal enterprise fax infrastructure. Additional services can be added or removed at any point in response to changing business and user requirements.

American Presence introduces three solutions of Cloud-based faxing. The first mentionable solution is FoIP – what most competitiors claim as their “Cloud” solution.  We have two additional Cloud solutions that will bring you to a true cloud fully integrated with your IBM i applications (such as Infor XA (Mapics), Infor LX (BPCS) and JD Edwards).


International Presence is a Partner with Easylink/OpenText – Source: Internal EasyLink business case study, 2009.

Reduce faxing costs and increase efficiency with a Fax over IP (FoIP) Solution

With the FoIP solution you can:

  •  Reduce telecoms costs by up to 90% over traditional faxing methods
  • Virtually eliminate the costs of printing, paper consumption, toner and ongoing maintenance
  • Increase staff efficiency by up to 90%
  • Improve security and route sensitive documents directly to recipients
  • Provide a complete audit trail of fax transactions to meet compliance requirements
  • Become a greener business by reducing energy consumption and using less environmentally unfriendly consumables
  • Eliminate junk faxes

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Despite the increasing power of the Internet and popularity of email, Fax technology is still a critical communication component used everyday in the corporate world.

It is the prevailing, preferred, legally binding method for transmitting critical, time-sensitive and confidential information, yet it is an area that often remains completely unmanaged and unsecured.

Internal Fax communication is also an area that many businesses overlook when improving processes and identifying new ways to reduce costs, even though it is an area that can often provide a rapid return on investment (ROI) and offer large savings virtually overnight.

What is FoIP?

Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP), also known as IP Faxing, is a method of sending faxes over the Internet and changes the transmission medium of faxing in much the same way that Voice over IP (VoIP) changes the transmission medium of a phone call.With FoIP, fax information is sent as “IP Packets” over the Internet rather than as an analogue signal via a phone line and provides an even wider range of benefits than VoIP.By moving to a Fax over IP environment, and routing faxes over their IP network, organizations can slash the telecommunications cost of every fax, improve the efficiency of their staff, eliminate the ongoing cost of fax consumables and maintenance and increase the overall security of their fax processes.

Why Choose FoIP?

  1. Easily send faxes over the internet through Fax over IP (FOIP) support
  2. Integrates with your existing IP PBX
  3. FOIP functionality can be used to implement Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  4. Minimal administration and user training required
  5. Send faxes from any application
  6. Seamless integration with your mail server

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